About Us

Having identified that there was an opening for a new type of broad-based professional cleaning company in the Geraldton marketplace, Pinpoint Cleaning Solutions was founded by Nathan Routledge in 2009.

Adopting modern methods and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the company’s operations, Pinpoint Cleaning Solutions has, in just over six years, achieved a leading position in Geraldton and secured and enviable reputation for reliability, quality and outstanding customer service.

About Us

As a result of this commitment to Quality, Pinpoint has become the cleaning contractor of choice for several real estate agents, numerous commercial cleaning clients including Wespac Bank and a loyal base of residential clients including property managers, property investors and tenants.

Pinpont focuses on providing outstanding cleaning services across the board … from exit cleans, to bi-annual clean ups and routine weekly residential visits to maintain properties in pristine condition.

All our staff are Police cleared and we pride ourselves on being able to provide a quality cleaning service that is not only affordable but tailored to suit each client's individual requirements. Regular services include everything from windows (including multi story properties) to carpets, upholstery fabric and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of wet areas including toilets, bathrooms and laundry areas. We also specialise in bi-annual or general ‘clean-ups’ which are perfect for residential and real estate clients.

With more and more people conscious of environmental issues, developing allergies and requesting less harsh cleaning products, we now use professional, Australian made eco- friendly products whenever possible. This is just another example of how we listen to the needs and wishes of our clients, giving people the choice to have these products used in their office or home.

Our Service to You

Providing a flexible, quality cleaning service is our Number One priority. Our aim is to go about our business, with the least amount of disruption to you, to make your life easier and more convenient!

Help Us Keep Our High Standards

Pinpoint Cleaning Solutions has a total commitment to continuous improvement.

Every month we provide our clients with a checklist to rate the quality of our cleaning and service. We value feedback and constructive suggestions as we are always striving to offer the best service possible and are prepared to make changes to continually improve and grow with our clients’ needs.


Our people are our greatest asset!

All of our staff are introduced to, and must complete, a series of training modules before they start on-the-job training. In order to provide us and our clients with peace of mind, all staff are also required to have a drug screen and Police clearance before commencing work with Pinpoint Cleaning Solutions.

We look forward to making your cleaning requirements our business.